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On a private island in the Caribbean Sea, this laid-back resort surrounded by coconut trees is 30 minutes by boat from Dangriga, Belize and 1 km from there to the Dangriga Airport. Enjoy our villas that were made with natural wood & stain giving it a marvelous natural look inside. The flooring are made of teak. Since we love working with natural woods we added a more natural look to the villas including our queen size beds to give you that special feeling of being at our private island. Our villas brings to you a beautiful view of the sea while you sit back and enjoy yourself on any of our villas available. Our colorful villas feature sea views, tropical artwork. Upgraded villas add sitting areas and sofa-beds. A bedroom, over-water villa is available. Room service is available, while you enjoy the fresh sea breeze and beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. An inside dinner is also available. This relaxed all-inclusive resort is located on a private island that is accessed exclusively by boat. The villas feature sea views plus handmade furniture, wood floors and vaulted ceilings. All villas have verandas with hammocks.

  • Davon Gongora
  • Davon Gongora

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